Essay On How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

When you want to write an essay about how technology has changed the world and changed our lives in the 21st century, you can approach the topic from three different angles. You can either talk about the negative effects of technology, the positive effects of technology or both. From the internet alone, you can get all the information you need to write about this subject. Below is a sample of how your essay on the effects of technology in the world should look like.

The advancement of technology over the last two decades has been rapid. This advancement hasn’t just changed the way the world works, it has also changed the lives of individuals. It is important to note that as long as the search for knowledge is ever ending, there will always be new technological upgrades. So, this is just the beginning. Technology has changed several aspects of our lives from how we interact with how we learn. Technology has saved time and resources by giving us more freedom than we’ve ever had. Technological advancement is now one of the trademarks for determining the development of a country.

Of all the technological advancements in today’s world, the ones with the most direct impacts on personal lives are mobile phones and the internet. While cell phones were created before the internet, innovation later led to the creation of internet-enabled mobile phones. Years later, smartphones were invented. These smartphones can be used to reach out to people across the globe either through the internet or cellular network. Many smartphone apps can affect your daily life significantly. There are fitness apps, trading apps, GPS apps, money transfer apps, etc. Almost everything you can think of now has an app for simplification. People living with disabilities also have unique apps that can help them with their challenges.

The term big data is often associated with the internet and computers. It refers to huge electronic data sets that analyze and reveals associations, patterns, and trends related to human interaction. While the internet has made data processing easier, it has also cost the individuals their privacy. People still struggle with protecting their information online. The internet is a gold data mine for information. Some big corporations sell user data to other companies without their permission. Also, in the name of providing customized user experiences these corporations use algorithms to get basic information. This is why after looking at the reviews for professional essay writing services on Google, you’ll find ads offering professional essay writing help on Facebook.

Technology makes things faster and more efficient. Even if things like social media addiction and texting while driving are among the disadvantages of technology, they outweigh the benefits. Stay tuned for the next technological revolution. More advancements are being made. Most of the products that are currently trending in the tech world will become obsolete.

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