How to Title an Essay: Complete Guide

To catch the audience’s attention, it is advisable to have a captive and modern title. Thus, when reading the title, the audience should be interested in reading the rest of the paper.

It is necessary to title each section of writing. The title must describe the main paper topic. Capitalize all words with certain exceptions and do not underline the title. 

The qualitative headline must be attention-grabbing, coherent, in an active voice, credible, concise and accurate. The title is the first thing the reader will see. 

It is not recommended to start the paper task with the title. Start creating the title when an essay outline is written. Try to use interesting adjectives such as ‘’scrumptious’’. 

To write an effective title, bear in mind that a good title predicts content, catches the reader’s attention and consists of keywords that will make it easy to access by a computer search.  

There are several types of titles: descriptive title, imaginative title and personal title. 

It is necessary to outline what is the paper about and which techniques or designs to use. 

Remember to always write a title after you have finished writing the research paper. Try to make it brief and add all the essential information about the paper. Avoid using short names or too many terms. Use keywords that underline the topic.

Tip for practice

Try the following advice to practice the art of titling. For example, write a two-word title, write a three-word title, write a title beginning with On, with an –ing verb etc. 

In case your focus is on a particular topic, try to focus on keywords such as discuss, compare, analyze, contrast, evaluate and assess. The reader is not interested to read the complicated and long title.

It is more important how the words sound than their meaning. The title has to be captivating and unique in regards to the selected thesis. The best titles appear interesting, confident, creative and bold. Try to find a creative hook, fact or a quote. The most valuable advice would be to outline a statement that summarizes the written thesis. 

Here are the examples of good titles: Are illegal Immigrants Big Issue? Alternative Medicine: Pros and Cons, The Good vs Bad, School Kids Should Stop Wearing Uniforms, The implications of global warming, Women and work, Action speaks louder than words,  Ways to fight pneumonia, Ten rules for better sleep, How do you write a good title for an essay? etc.  In case you have come up with more than one title, jot down all examples and finally, choose the most appropriate. 

In conclusion, write the essay – then brainstorm ideas for the title. Organize the most interesting examples and add the final title to the written topic. In the end, edit and proofread the selected title.